Galina Winter is a Lead Product Designer. She is currently a UX/UI Designer at freelance. Before that she was a Design Lead at Eurekly (NZ). She has also built digital products at fintech and media areas.

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Selected Projects


Kaiten — Kanban powered visual management system.

Kaiten Summary Board helps decompose tasks and create different flows (business, technical, etc.)

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Flexbe is one of the popular platforms for creating landing pages in Russia. The challenge was to create the new visual system and offer a different way visitors should perceive the Service.

With inspiring design, new customers enter the Platform, casual customers learn more, and dedicated customers improve their experience.

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Live view 2

Zinomax App

Zinomax is a Russian mobile application that aggregates and contains all the leading glossy magazines and the most popular sites about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Read the articles of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, MAXIM, GQ, Men's Health, Esquire, ELLE, GEO,, Top Gear, and others.


Galina is always open to collaborations.
If you’re interested in discussing a project, asking rates, or simply getting in touch please send an email.

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